Alexander (Featuring Michael Felker of Convictions)

from by Sound of the Stereo

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This is absolutely, hands down, my favorite track on the entire album.

This song is about a mutual friend of our entire band. He used to play drums for us and he quit the band and changed. He flaked out on some shows last minute and we got word that he was telling people we were too involved with partying to focus on music, when he wasn't innocent himself. It felt like he was stringing us along and then he cut off ties and dropped us as friends for a while completely. We wanted to release this song as a kind of harsh wake up call to him that we aren't mad about the past, we just want our friend back. No more lies, no more ignoring anyone. We just miss him.


I've been tearing down pictures from my walls I've grown to hate
'Cause in the last few years I know I've changed, but at least I haven't stayed the same
Why are you laughing? It's easy to see
That you've been lying to yourself just as much as you lie to me

Tear down my ego and tell me I'm wrong
Make me believe in the nothing you are

Take all my friends to the closest river
Pray that they drown when they don't deliver..

You've got a monster under your bed and a skeleton in your closet
Saying that you hate this confrontation when you're the one who caused it
You've got the devil raging inside you with this piano in your hands
You put on a smile for the world to see, but behind closed doors it's insanity

Take all your shots down and swallow your pills
If that doesn't kill you my words surely will

Take all my friends to the closest river
Pray that they drown when they don't deliver
The words that I'm hoping that I'd hear them say
I'll smile while they current takes them away

I found a note you wrote to yourself, it was swept away by the current
It said 'S.O.S' in bright-blood red and I decided that you weren't worth it
But when my ship has finally set sail, I would leave you stranded at the shore
But I would turn around and save you because that's what friends are for

Break every promise and let me down slow
I'd hang from these fixtures, I can't let this go

[Mike Felker]
Tell me where do you get off letting down everyone you meet?
With lies flowing through your veins, can you tell me how your heart beats?
You're building a kingdom of distrust and deceit, swallow your pride
I've laid it all on the line, just to see you throw me to the tide -- Drop dead


from If These Walls Could Talk, released August 24, 2013



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