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Around exactly a year ago I started a fling with this girl that we never ended but never really started? It was just kind of obvious that we liked each other a lot.

This song is about that. I was about to turn eighteen and I was throwing a giant party and I had invited her. She said she was going to be out of town and that she couldn't come, but we would have our own party when she got back. I was looking forward to it, but when the day came she cancelled. She ended up calling me later that night to tell me that she had slept with another guy, who was leaving the country forever a few days later, in the woods behind her house.

I was crushed. I went into a super depression and didn't do much for a few weeks. I sat down and wrote this song in one sitting and by the time it was done I suddenly felt over the whole situation. ;)



I've been pacing halls, stuck in church room stalls
Just to pray to a God that I haven't believed in
I wrote letters and line and burned them one at a time
And if these walls could talk I'd slit their throats just to keep them quite

You're a reminder of the Summer and everything we had
You're a liar, not a lover, watch these stage lights fade to black

I think he's your dirtiest secret
And I know how well you can keep it
And you know how it gets me
Whenever he's around

I know he's your dirtiest secret
So swallow your sorrows and regret
That I hate you and you hate me
Whenever he's around

I had you in mind while I watched sparks ignite
'Cause without fire I'll have a Hell of a time burning all of our bridges
And you said "lay me down" in the woods by your house
Don't bother call, I could care less about the way that his lips taste

So don't call it romance, call it last chance, call it "keep me while you can"
I was hopeless, you were hoping I wouldn't find your one night stand

So now you're crying like he broke your heart, yeah?
I wanna watch you fall apart and
I wanna see you fall asleep in his loving arms
And wake up to missing me

I know it hurts because he's miles away and
I wanna watch you break down in every way
I wanna see you fall asleep with a smile on
And wake up in misery


from If These Walls Could Talk, released August 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Sound of the Stereo Toledo, Ohio

We're Sound of the Stereo from Toledo, OH. We play rock music, and hope you guys enjoy it! If you do, drop us a 'like' on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

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